Hi, I’m James.

I’m the one typing this right now.    I’m not a social worker.  I’m actually an IT guy by trade.   I like technology.  I’m starting this site, because I think I have a few ideas that can help people experiencing homelessness.

Here’s the basics of the idea.

Local people help local homelessness.

People hold a QR code up it says “Scan to read my story”  or “Please Help”

We do an intake and assessment.

We have a transparent read only login to that person’s online bank account that Donor’s are given access to, to see when donations come in and see where and how they are spent.

So maybe 10 people “adopt” so to speak John Doe,

and they drive by him everyday on their way to work and they know how he is doing.

I want to put some incentives in place for John.

Let him earn trust with the donors.

Let people leave reviews even.

I want to chart a course for him.

We all got to eat.  Sleep and go the bathroom.

I want to help incentivize them to take baby steps in the right direction.

Bathing regularly.  Get a resume.   Get a Suit from DI for Job Interviews.

Maybe he gets a toothbrush.  You do this…you unlock this reward.

As a advocate, it will my job to assess what are the pressing needs.  Does he need a tooth extracted?

We have no idea how to help if we don’t make an assessment.

I think we can make a difference.   And maybe its like the star fish story.  Maybe we can’t help all the star fish …but we can make a difference to this one and to that one.